Monday, October 18, 2010

tory burch, two ways

hello! happy monday (oxymoron?) monday is actually my tuesday, which i think lessens the blow a bit. how was your weekend? mine was really nice, if a bit exhausting - my parents came into town on friday night, so we went out for really good senegalese food and then came back to my place for fresh fruit galettes. (a recipe i've been meaning to post for some time, actually - i have this amazing recipe now for really buttery, flakey galette dough. will post this week.) (in fact, as i think over this post, i'm pretty sure it's going to remind me of several recipes that need posting asap, so stay tuned!) saturday afternoon my mom and i met up to do some bridal shopping. i was so happy to get to see her and getting to do a bit of wedding shopping was really wonderful, since i just bought my dress online and didn't get the experience of dress shopping with my mama. we checked out the j crew bridal shop first, which i have to say was a bit of a disappointment - very small, with a very limited selection. i'm letting my bridesmaids choose their own dress, and i already have mine, so there wasn't much for me to see there. my shoes, i think, will be a challenge; we're getting married outside, in my future in-laws backyard, in fact, so i want to be careful to get shoes that won't turn their lawn into swiss cheese - but sam is a good 6 or so inches taller than i am, so a little height will be helpful when it comes to that whole "you may now kiss the bride" part. any suggestions?

we DID find a perfect place to get a veil. bridal veil falls is run by a very sweet woman named margaret who makes all of the veils and headpieces herself; i walked in there with no clue what i wanted. i showed her my dress and she immediately showed me some lace that matched it almost perfectly; within twenty minutes we'd come up with a design for a perfect little veil. i'm super excited.

stayed up late last night baking stuff for a meeting i had this afternoon with tory burch. the meeting went really well and i think (and hope!) i'll be working with them in one way or another soon. here's a peek of what i made. . .

malted vanilla cupcakes with white chocolate buttercream and a sprinkle of peppermint

cinnamon thumbprints with caramel apple kisses

apple pie lollipops

along with some others. coincidentally (or is it?!) this is national women's business week, and i want to mention the tory burch foundation. the non-profit helps provide loans to women who are trying to open their own small businesses, which is certainly a cause i believe in; take a look, shop or donate, and just leave a comment below to be entered to win their cd.

okay. so much more to come, i promise!

xo audrey


  1. wow! good luck, that sounds amazing. and all these desserts look incredible, just delicious--especially those thumbprints. xx

  2. You are so creative, I love everything that you cook, it always looks lovely :)


  3. You own the Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragons too, right? I see them pop up on wedding blogs sometimes and they always look so freakin' cute on brides. The heart motif is perfect for a wedding day, the blue color will give you a "something blue," and in my experience the rubber heels don't sink too much in any dirt or mud and can be wiped off easily! I'm not sure if they add 6" of height though ;)

    those baked goods you made look amaaazing :)

  4. i'm having my dress made so i haven't done the whole wedding dress shop with my mum either. i'm glad you got to go shopping with her though and found the perfect veil.
    and those cupcakes are to die for... drooling as i type :)

  5. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! que rico todo.


  6. First of all, I love love love your wedding dress!
    It is gorgeous and I can't wait to see pics of it on you!
    Secondly, all of those tempting treats look delicious...Tory had to have been impressed!

  7. Hey! Justin and I just got married outside and I looked into wedges for my dress. I saw some on modcloth at different points. Good luck!

    PS- I love reading your blog :)

  8. wow, your opportunity with tory burch sounds beyond incredible! (almost as incredible as those mini apple pies - yum!)

    keep us posted. :)

  9. thanks so much to everyone! goldenmeans - i DO own those shoes, and i love them, but i think i want to get new ones for the wedding.

    ALEZA! i was totally poring over your wedding photos a couple days ago, you and justin's looked so perfect. a lot like what sam & i are going for. congratulations and you looked GORGEOUS, i will definitely check into modcloth!

  10. Audrey, I know you already wear Seychelles a lot, but have you seen these? They're not super fancy, but fun and retro!

    I wore Seychelles to Aleza's wedding and they did really well in the yard! :)

  11. My boy would loooove the apple pie lollipops. Any way you could share your recipe and/or how-to steps?


  12. looks delicious .but the second picture is different .