Thursday, October 14, 2010

pop cakes

i have a few email subscriptions that i can't quite bring myself to get rid of, but 99% of the time i delete them without reading; i do the grand majority of my email reading on an iphone, so it's gotta be good to get me to squint at that stupid screen. (i really need new glasses.) but this story on flavorpill caught my eye and i thought it was worth a quick link-up.

pop culture cakes! some really awesome, clever (and some pretty sloppy and uninspired) cakes derived from books, movies, music, tv, and art. a few of my favorites:

the hungry caterpillar & where the wild things are (and, if you follow the link, several very cute others):

andy warhol(another great cake goldmine):

damien hirst:

and a beautiful mondrian:


  1. oh, these are GREAT -

    especially the Warhol !! WOW!

  2. I was going to tell you that they make the Mondrian at SFMOMA, but after clicking the link I see that's where it came from! If you ever come to SF do visit SFMOMA and get the Mondrian cake and a Blue Bottle latte and your life will automatically be perfect (if only for a few minutes).

  3. Adorable!!! LOVE THESE! Great post :)

  4. Such fantastic cake idea and so well made! Thanks for the images xx

  5. Beautiful! Baking is truly an art!
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