Wednesday, October 13, 2010

show your stripes

or in this case, your zig zags. i got this skirt at the brooklyn flea a couple weeks ago and i WISH i could bake it in. i love it, and it's nice and insulated for winter, so i think it may actually be a pretty practical purchase. i wore it to the snl after party a couple weekends ago - okay, this is silly, but kanye west was the musical guest and i had the vaguest hope that he'd spot it and come talk to me and learn that i'm an amazing whistler and i'd end up backing him up in his next music video or something. not that i'm a huge kanye fan. at all. but it struck me as something he'd like. (of course, he was nowhere to be seen at the after party. wop wah.)

something about the bright colors and pattern of this skirt defies my camera. i cannot seem to get a crisp photo of this thing no matter what i do.

blouse: courtesy of natori
skirt: vintage, flea market
belt: from my mom
shoes: seychelles (take my word for it.)

all right. really, i'm just wasting time in lieu of finishing the last few save the dates because i am soooo tired of threading little hearts onto fishing line. but i'd better get on it.

have a lovely evening!

xo audrey


  1. ok, i can see the seychelles shoes. lol. love maxi skirts and stripes.

  2. the fabric and the color is absolutely intriguing. i can see why you like it :-)

  3. That is a Really Beautiful skirt. It is kind of Missoni inspired.