Friday, October 1, 2010

pink pony

hello everyone! i'm a little late on this, (how out of character!) but i wanted to wish the ralph lauren/polo pink pony campaign a very happy tenth birthday. this is the tenth year they have been raising money to fight cancer; i was asked to participate in their blogger campaign, and i am happy to accept. the cause hits close to home for me; a few months ago, my father found a lump behind his ear and our family went into a bit of a tailspin. after weeks of torturous wondering exactly what the prognosis was, he had surgery and was told that he wouldn't even need chemo - his cancer was basically the least amount of cancer you could have. we were so lucky, but so many aren't; please, if you can afford it, text PINKPONY to 501501 to donate $10. you can find the photo gallery of bloggers in the polo and all other information here.

and, for my part, here's what i did with the polo -

dress is from dalaga in brooklyn; shoes aldo.

all right. i have so much more to post - belle and sebastian was last night and amazing, jimmy fallon was wednesday and also amazing (i'm having trouble with words this morning) and big plans for today and tomorrow as well.

much love!

xo audrey


  1. its never too late to post about a good cause. im happy your dad is alright, and i hope he continues to be.
    i was reading through your entries during my lunchbreak and now im drooling over your macaroons. so delicious looking.

  2. Such a great idea to promote such a good cause. My uncle currently has throat cancer and it's tough alright.
    Such good news about your Dad :)
    What you've done with the polo is so cute!

    Also, you went to see Belle & Sebastian last night :o I saw them over the summer and they were lovely & amazing!

  3. Oooo SO cute...I love what you did with the dress....great colors!

  4. This is a great cause! My father had prostate cancer and like your father, he caught it early enough to have just surgery and no chemo. But I know many who have struggled and have not been so lucky...

  5. Love the matching scarf and skirt/dress!


  6. hiya! i read your blog and i noticed you on huffington post! congratulations, lady.

  7. I'm happy to see you posting a bit more recently, and very good to see you are a part of the pink pony campaign this year!


  8. I ADORE your blog!!! You have such great taste in unique clothing and love your food posts. I also have a food & shopping blog!