Tuesday, April 6, 2010

fashion flake

hello hello! yes, it has been awhile. after receiving a bit of good-natured hell from a friend of mine about being such a flake about posting i realized that there is one thing i miss about my old office job: all the time i had in front of my computer every morning. it's also one of the things i'm most relieved to get away from - spending 9 hours a day in front of a computer was, for me at least, a pretty depressing affair and one that i certainly grew weary of, but it did make writing a blog post a highlight and something easily squeezed into my day before my first cup of coffee and microwaveable lunch. (yeah, i guess there really isn't much else i miss about that job. except the people, of course.) so what has been keeping me so damn busy? well, lots of this.

i made smitten kitchen's best birthday cake.

and shrimp tacos,

and green things,

and red things,

and the most delicious shortcake i've ever had. i think.

so, maybe i'll be a girl here for a minute and go a bit further into explaining my blog hibernation; the winter is just ending, and i work in a bakery, and i spend most of my free time cooking, and i just don't feel like taking photos of myself every day. it's a thing i've always had a strange relationship with anyway; i'm not a big fan of having my picture taking, and like anyone, i'm my own worst critic, but i do love clothes and dressing up and i feel it's an artistic expression in a way that i am proud to show to the world. that said, not only does spending 12 hours a day in a kitchen not really lend itself to wearing one's most delicate vintage finery, but the results of all that cooking (and eating) don't really make me feel like getting super dressed up. the summer seems to be just around the corner, though, and i'm determined to "health up," so to speak, and get my style groove back. i hope you'll be satisfied with delicious recipes and food porn filling in the spaces when outfit posts are less frequent. additions to the store are still to come and i'll be doing my best to make my posts more frequent - but, you know. i'm human. obviously. thanks for sticking with me.

much love,

xo audrey


  1. personally, i think the food photos as just as lovely as your outfit photos :) the deserts, especially, are usually whimsical enough to remind me of your clothes (like the birthday cake on this post! love!)

  2. hello, what is that delicious looking tomato pie? and how did you find such good looking tomatoes in april? i've been looking and farmers markets aren't selling them yet, neither are most grocery stores. and also the cake looks gorgeous. posts of any pictures are appreciated. :D

  3. My tummy is rumbling, it all looks SO GOOD!

  4. oh wow it all look amazing and the gold sprinkles on the cake are adorable! x

  5. um YUM. That all looks so delicious. I love that you love to make food so much!

  6. Oh, great food pics! Please share the short cake recipe, it looks so very delicious and would be a perfect summer treat. I'm drooling!

  7. I love the food pics! Keep them coming!

  8. i totally get what you said about taking pictures of yourself yet loving dressing up. is that beetroot risotto? wish i could cook up a storm like you!

  9. everything looks absolutely delicious as usual..! Don't worry.. I will be here to see what you post even if you are busy with your real life! Hope everything isn't too crazy for you!

  10. That cake looks amazing!

    Fancy exchanging links?

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  11. absolutely gorgeous food.
    I must say, this could be labeled as food porn.