Wednesday, April 14, 2010

the one that got away

aw, man! i found my dream dress on ebay this week and i've been watching it like a hawk. . . only to watch it slip away after the bidding price went past my limit.

okay. it's on. any one know of any good vintage wedding shops? i think i need to try one of these babies on.

xo audrey


  1. I really like the neckline and silk flowers on the second one. The orange makes it much more interesting.

  2. dude this is such a bummer!!! i hope you find an even better one though!

  3. How sad! That dress is certainly a gem, but you'll find something else and you'll love it even more. That's just how things work out :)

  4. oh i can understand why you're so disappointed, it's just stunning!

    good luck with the continuing search!

  5. how much did it close? it's really lovely.

    i don't know of any vintage wedding shops but i know i've come across not a few lovely wedding dresses on etsy. and they sold real quick. i remember i almost wanted to buy one at usd99.

  6. I just went to Shareen Vintage last night in NYC. Amazing vintage things, truly amazing. Reasonably priced too.

    If you want one made from scratch I make em!


  7. I don't know of any vintage places, but I'm having a girl make mine through etsy. She's specializes in making designer/vintage replica/inspired dresses (she's also starting a great vintage-inspired collection and she showed me the photos of what she's working on and they are beautiful!).
    I sent her some photos of a dress I found online that I loved (but it was out of my price range) and she gave me quote. I really think she could easily make that dress for you! Mine was about $575.

    If you're interested here is her shop:

    Sorry you didn't win the dress - it really is beautiful!


  8. alexia - thank you!! i am contacting her now. also, i have decided to list that white blouse from a few posts back. . . i wore it once but it is just a little too small for me. i'll let you know when it's up!

  9. Are you kidding me????? I am so sad! That dress is.....I guess almost perfect, there must be one out there that is JUST perfect, and you will find it.

    But dang.

  10. wow that dress is so gorgeous
    shame you didnt get it :(

  11. So pretty, this must drape so nicely on the body! Stunning!

  12. Oh I am sorry you didn't get, it is almost perfect but obviously not meant to be. You will find one even better!