Wednesday, December 16, 2009

so this is love

growing up, my family didn't have television, but what we did have was every disney movie ever made. to be honest, that stopped right around hunchback of notre dame (my siblings and i were getting older and losing interest,) but it's the older ones that i like the best anyway; the time before computer animation made everything so polished, when the songs were just great songs (well, sometimes.) the "sing sweet nightingale"s and just about anything from dumbo. i've had this one stuck in my head for the last couple of days; maybe posting it here will release me from its clutches (even if it does mean revealing my disney dorkiness to the world.)

anyway. a couple of quick outfits to catch me up to date. i got a job at a bakery a couple weeks ago which means early mornings donning jeans, a t-shirt and some onitsuka tigers; comfy indeed, but rather anti-climactic for posting purposes. so, instead, here's what i was wearing friday night (right before he proposed) and the night after, when we went out to a friend's for dinner, then to a benefit, and i drank a lot of champagne in celebration.

top: h&m
sweater jacket: thrifted
jeans: cheap monday
boots: 80%20
pearls: thrifted

top: anthropologie dress
pants: anthropologie
shoes: devotte
purse: etsy, vintage

not sure if there's anything new here clothing-wise but i'm trying to mix it up a bit with location.

one more disney song before i'm out - found this behind-the-scenes of one of my favorite disney songs of all time, he's a tramp. has there ever been a sexier song in a kids' movie? and i had no idea that peggy lee had written/performed it! and i love the line, "it painted our hero as quite a gay dog with the ladies." enjoy.

the wedding isn't going to be until sometime in 2011 (we're thinking spring or summer. . . or fall. . . sometime warm) so i'm trying not to be too crazy about posting stuff, but i already have a few things i've been eyeballing that i'll post soon.

until then,

xo audrey

ps - to the couple of inquiries about the stevej & yonip dress - after a few days of no one inquiring, i decided to take matters into my own hands, and i started to alter it so i can more easily wear it every day. sorry! i will post photos once i'm done with it.


  1. classic disney is my weakness. it makes me laugh and cry and love like only that particular brand of sweet sentimentality can. too charming.

    V.cute outfits btw.

  2. I love disney movies!!:) Beauty and the Beast is my fave. Cute outfits!!

  3. when i was little, i named my dog lady because i was obsessed with lady and the tramp!

  4. oh i love that second picture of you! you look so pretty, its like youre glowing. im excited to see all of your wedding planning posts!

  5. I love the song "So this is love" so so much, and all classic disney movies are my favorite nothing beats the old ones!

    and love your outfits!


  6. I can never get enough of Disney! I remember watching The Little Mermaid 5 times in one day at the movie theater and how excited we were to get in on VHS.

    Aww your outfit is too cute!


  7. that yellow thrifted sweater jacket is absolutely adorable, i want to steal it :)
    and i can't get enough of disney. beauty and the beast is my absolute favorite, although cinderella comes quite close!

  8. i'm a big disney fan, too, haha:D such a great song from cinderella:) i love, ur yellow jacket! gorgeous! congrats again on ur engagement. u must be so excited:D
    Cleaning out my closet:

  9. i love the bright yellow jacket in your first outfit!
    sadly, the only disney movie i watched when i was younger was the lion king :(

  10. Thank you so much for this clip! I performed this song in a talent contest when I was in the 3rd grade!! I practiced and practiced and had a little dance! My mom thought it was a bit too racy for an 8 year old to perform but she couldn't stop me! Thanks again!