Friday, December 4, 2009


i've been finding lots of inspiration these days in the form of emma pillsbury, aka jayma mays' character on glee. she wears lots of bright colors and very cute vintage-inspired modern pieces, and lots and lots of cute little details like bows. there is even a site dedicated to shopping the looks she wears in every episode.

early meeting at a bakery this morning, so i wanted to be a bit more polished than usual; i thought this look was very emma pillsbury.

blouse: church & state
pants: rodebjer
shoes: devotte
hat: vintage, from dublin (my parents got it on their honeymoon)
purse: vintage, a gift from sam

tonight - making dinner for some friends. i haven't decided what the main course will be but dessert is cooling in the fridge - nutella creme bruleés, yum!


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  2. I love Emma's style on Glee, it's so polished and adorable. Your blouse is lovely and definitely very Emma-esque -- love the ruffles and especially the darling bow belt.

  3. I found you on Weardrobe. I friended you there like a month ago, but decided I wanted more. So happy to find your blog and will be adding it to my blogroll! Your looks are so unique and one of a kind. It is inspiring to see someone wearing what they like rather than what is on trend.

  4. I’ve always love the 70’s and 60’s classic fashion style. It’s very chic and feminine.

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  5. I love Emma’s wardrobe. It has a touch of classic fashion and the same time looks very classy and the colors are bright and happy I love it.

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  6. cute.. where were you in dublin. Harlequin??