Sunday, December 6, 2009


i'm trying something new for a few days - attempting to look at the camera. i have to use the photos for something else as well - something very exciting that i'll talk about more later - and i think they want to see my face, which i hate, but am trying to oblige.

this is a collection of pieces that i saw and wanted. badly. but couldn't justify the cost of, so i kept stalking them (in the case of the shirt and the skirt, i actually kept returning to the stores to try them on and see if they had decreased at all in price, in the case of the boots by googling them repeatedly) until i finally managed to convince myself that they were "affordable." and here they are, all in one coincidental outfit. the skirt i absolutely loved in the store but never really found a good shirt to pair it with, so it's hung basically unworn in my closet for the last few months - until miss emma pillsbury has been wearing it (in two different colors!) on glee lately and i decided i had to pull it back out.

shirt: interlud
skirt: j crew
boots: irregular choice
socks: american apparel
necklace: my mom
purse: vintage

the blouse is so lovely, with the multi-layered color and the little silk details on the sleeves; and the boots i drooled over on urban outfitter's website, only to have them go on sale when i was dead broke; they disappeared in my size and my tiny-footed friend erika got a pair and started wearing them, making me want them that much more. months later, they reappeared, and i snatched them up. so here they are.

sunday night post-falafel movie time. catch you later -

xo audrey


  1. I know how you feel when it comes to looking at the camera. Sometimes I feel naked when I start looking at the camera. Just so you know, you have a great smile, so keeping staring into that lense.

  2. Such a cute outfit!! Keep looking at the camera!!:):):)

  3. Those are all such beautiful pieces, definitely treasures worth stalking! It's so cute how you put them all together. Actually, I think I first stumbled across your blog when searching for pictures of someone wearing that J.Crew bow skirt -- I had just bought it, and could only think of a limited number of ways to style it, so I was debating keeping. Then I instantly became smitten with your blog :)

    Really love that blouse too -- it's breathtaking!

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  6. Gorgeous outfit from head to toe! I am so glad that you finally got to get all these things- I love when items are meant to be!! :)


  7. I love this outfit, the colors go so well together and that J. Crew shirt is the cutest thing ever, I love the bow detail!

  8. gorgeous as always darling
    love it, great inspiration
    thanks for sharing

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  9. I totally agree, cameras can have such an unerving affect. - its unfair... Oh, ad i actually love your blog. its awesome. *follows it*
    That blouse is amazing, i need one =)
    Panda xx

  10. yep, i love the skirt. and i know what you mean about looking at the camera. i've been practicing lately myself.

  11. i love your top, it's so delicate :) and those boots are amazing

  12. I love the colour pop skirt! You were right to keep hunting for the boots, too. Sweet.

  13. Oh. My. God. I love those boots. And pairing them with that bright teal skirt? Amazing, a study in whimsy! I adore.


  14. i really like your blog and this outfit is amazing. i love that lavender top, its so delicate and pretty! also congrats on winning the giveaway! i'll be sending your package asap and i hope you like it!

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  16. I have an art blog and create photo electronic quilts- I sampled your picture of the bird and a few other images. I can provide you with a copy of the image or you can download it from the blog...if it bothers you I will remove the post.

    My best - you have a lovely blog - and you should look at the camera when appropriate - you have something special, honestly.

    The bird you found is a young ovenbird - my wife and I spent years birding before kids tied us down....


    Sorry for the double comment.

  18. I love the color palette in this outfit, and the skirt is SOOO cute!

  19. love, love, love that necklace!

  20. I am in LOVE with the boots! Now I am obsessively googling them! Great outfit :)