Saturday, December 19, 2009

golden girl

what is happening with my hair here, i can't say. the ever-ongoing attempt to grow it long continues, and gets pretty awkward in the winter months as the humidity isn't around to curl it as much and it kind of gets dry and floofy instead. anyhow.

sam and i are brewing beer and yesterday, after 2 weeks or so of fermenting in our hall closet, it was bottling day. we started off the day by heading to a goodwill near our place, where i went into the dressing room with my arms full of sweaters and came out with three choice picks at $4.99 a piece - only to realize, as sam pointed out to me this morning, that one of them has "SAMPLE" written across the back in sharpie. fail. from there we headed to a fabric store in south brooklyn that was completely jam-packed with stuff i wanted. the second we walked in i stopped in my tracks and murmured, "oh no, this is trouble." i kept myself from going too crazy, though, and just bought a couple of embellishments that i'll find a way to incorporate, and some thread so i could finally get some hemming done and repair some shoes.

from there, a record store in park slope where we scored two velvet underground reissues and i winked my way into picking up a used copy of abbey road for three dollars. we stopped at the grocery store and then sam ran into the homebrew shop; by this time we were both ravenous, so we headed home and i made some rigatoni with soysage, onion, garlic, and shiitakes in a cream sauce. we bottled the beer after supper and stowed the bottles back away for a couple more weeks of fermentation.

i'm determined to take on making cheese next. the process actually seems pretty simple, and how cool would that be?

my outfit for the day's to-and-fro:

shirt: a little boutique in red hook
jacket: snagged on super-sale in a shop in portland, OR
pants: OTTE online's outlet store
shoes: you can't see 'em, but they're devotte
necklace: ebay
belt: thrifted

it's snowing outside, nat king cole is on the record player and i have soup to make; i'm thinking beet-carrot with some goat cheese. winter is definitely here, and i am totally out.

have a lovely weekend, everyone!

xo audrey


  1. i love all the gold, especially that sequin cardigan and that little bow belt. gorgeous :) and it's awesome that you're brewing your own beer. definitely take on making cheese!

  2. Currently reading Animal Vegetable Miracle (by Barbara Kingsolver) and just last night read the chapter on cheesemaking. It sounds really awesome, hope you try it and post on the blog!

  3. that belt makes the outfit perfect, I love it! my dad used to brew his own beer all the time, he loved it


  4. Joe and I brew beer too! We've been using regular caps, though, but want to use the flip-cap cork lid things that you guys are should tell me how they work for you. What kind are you brewing? We have a batch of nut brown that just finished fermenting, and a breakfast stout that we bottled yesterday. I'm turning into a ridiculous beer nerd. Anyyywaayyy, I've been meaning to congratulate you on the engagement. I'm so happy for you!

  5. All that sparkly golden goodness is amazing!!!!
    Oh ya! And I can't wait to hear how cheese making goes. I'd love to set up a Gouda shop at home here...

  6. i love this whole post. i want to go to those stores with you and buy some embellishments too! also, the outfit looks great. :) miss you and see you next year! xoxo

  7. Hi Audrey. Concerning the new sweater that has Sharpie marker on the back...If the fabric is not too delicate, you might try dabbing a small amount of nail polish remover on it. I'm a teacher and use it all the time to take permanent marker off things. Of course, test it in an inconspicuous spot first!

  8. I love that you bottled beer while dressed in sequins! :)

  9. Well, depending on what the sweater is like, maybe you can flip it inside out? You can start a new trend! Inside-out seams are SOOOO cool! See, I've already started the fad for you! ;)

  10. adore your outfit here, so 70's and chloesque:)

  11. What a fantastic outfit! Love how you've worked with the gold (and avoided a gaudy mess!).

    I'm also looking forward to reading about the cheese making process.