Wednesday, September 17, 2008

seeking scott schuman

one of the blogs i check every morning in my daily nytimes/gawker/postfamily rundown is the sartorialist. most of you have probably heard of it, but if not, he is a guy who has worked in the fashion industry for a long time and now wanders around new york taking photos of stylish people. i found this on someone's blog and thought, how embarassing, i feel the same way.

this morning, for example, i wore something that i never would have thought of because i was inspired by a photo on the sartorialist.

my version:

shoes: etsy
shorts: akira
v-neck shirt: american apparel
suit jacket: calvin klein, bought on clearance yeeears ago

the shoes are really amazing. i wish there was a decent way for me to do a head to toe shot. but until i figure that out, that's all i got.

happy wednesday! i'll be at the beauty bar from about 9 pm onward if anyone in the city cares to join.

xo audrey


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