Friday, September 19, 2008


the ayes have it, i bought the harmonica necklace. the girl lives in new york so hopefully i get it soon.

in other exciting news, i won a voiceover job for downy!!! a nice little bit of good luck. this means i'll get a nice check the day of the recording (next week) AND residuals for every time the commercial airs. it could turn out to be a pretty penny. thus me rewarding myself with a necklace.

this morning was only 57! fall is coming/here? so i wore a vintage wool dress i bought in a boutique in chicago. it's a bit short so i usually wear leggings underneath it; today i decided that black tights would do, and that in keeping with the 60's theme i'd wear thigh highs with a garter belt. the dress is long enough that you don't really see the garters unless you catch me sitting down with my legs crossed, and my legs are covered by a desk all day long so i think i'm safe. it's just kind of fun to know that it's under there.

without further ado:

altered vintage wool dress: una mae's freak boutique in chicago. really cute updated vintage stuff, not crazy expensive. 1422 n milwaukee
thigh highs/garter belt: victoria's secret
brown and black wing tips: etsy'd

going to a party tonight and i have a pretty killer outfit planned for that one. i'll try to get photos.

happy friday! and happy autumn!

xo audrey


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