Tuesday, September 23, 2008

joan halloway

i have brought this skirt in about 3 times to keep it pencil thin. the problem with these american apparel jersey skirts is that they just stretch right out as you walk in them. i am starting to wonder what i ever did without a sewing machine.

the girl on the coffee shop complimented my gloves. she said they were very chic. i want another pair in grey. will scour etsy today.

i have decided to embroider this on an old 60s jacket i thrifted awhile ago:

i wanted this so bad when it was at anthropologie, and it even went on sale but sold out before i could get one. so i'll do it myself, by gum!

sweater: thrifted from renegade
brooch: mom's old costume jewelry
necklace: gift from rachel
skirt: american apparel
tights: welovecolors.com
shoes: payless

shitty morning. not feeling very chatty. enjoy your tuesday, everyone. . . i think i have a packed bowl and sex and the city awaiting me after work today. i hope so.


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