Tuesday, September 16, 2008

basket of kisses

i'm starting this wardrobe remix blog because i feel weird posting photos of myself in my regular blog. there is an inherent vanity to posting photos of yourself anywhere, but i take time and pride in the outfits i wear (most days at least) and i want a way to keep track of them, if only so that the next time i wake up with ten minutes to get ready i have a library of good outfits saved on here.

the title of the blog comes from a quote from mad men. i have started watching the show and i really enjoy the story - i really like the characters, i think it's well acted and almost every episode leaves me craving another - but what really keeps me stuck to the television are the costumes. the show is set in the early 1960's and every outfit worn (by the main character's wife, betty, in particular) are vintage and detailed and absolutely stunning.

so i am making a conscious effort to seek out vintage clothing and shoes and dress in this sort of style, albeit for much less money and a bit modernized by necessity. the only camera i have is the camera built into my work imac, so i'll have to curl myself up and do some color correcting every time. . . but until i can do better, here it goes. outfit number one.

dress: thrifted in chicago this past weekend
belt: thrifted from salvation army on bedford
shoes: payless
necklace: used to be my mom's

more to come. i got lots of new things this weekend so this week should be a good one. i also bought these on etsy today, hopefully they come within the week:

too bad, they would have really made the outfit today.

xo audrey


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