Thursday, July 21, 2011

medium rare

hello hello! i write you from a pool of sweat somewhere in soho. my god, it is hot. our office has no a/c, nor does our apartment, so i am deciding to think of my current state as "permanently glowing," rather than "constantly sweaty." and sam just brought me flowers at work! so now i am flushed with love. ah, wedded bliss. give it a try some time.

anyway! it is hot as hell, so today i elected a dress with a semi-open back that i picked up at a thrift store a few weeks ago. it's a bit big but i used a belting trick that a reader (thank you gabrielle!) gave me to nip in at the waist. naturally, the belt isn't helping with the whole sweatiness situation, but i digress. in fact, shoutout to 29 skirts! this is my first (actually accidental) thrifted thursday - everything in this outfit was thrifted, except i guess the shoes, which i scored on ebay for a song, so that kind of counts, right?


dress, belt & necklace: thrifted
shoes: scored on ebay

and this outfit happens to match what i made for dinner a couple nights ago, so why not throw that on here?


this was sooo quick, sooo easy and sooo delicious. and probably even soooort of healthy! ish!

baby romaine lettuce (i just used the pre-washed stuff they sell in plastic containers at the grocery store)
1/2 lb flank steak
about 1/4 cup of blue cheese (or feta, or goat, or none at all! if blue is too much for you)
1/2 red onion, verrrrry thinly sliced
a drizzle of really good aged balsamic vinegar

so! turn a pan onto medium-high heat. pat the flank steak dry, then sear it well on all sides, for about 3 minutes per side. let it rest and season with salt and pepper. slice, serve atop the lettuce and onions, drizzle with balsamic and crumble blue cheese on top. voila! the flank steak was soooo good, nice and juicy and simple, and worked great with the lettuce and red onions and blue cheese gave it just a bit of a bite. if you like your meat a little more cooked, cook it for a couple extra minutes on each side - this was very rare, but that's the way (uh huh uh huh) i like it.

all right! i'll attempt a 100 degree outfit post from the firey pits of new york city tomorrow. stay tuned!

xo audrey


  1. That dish looks to die for! Food porn I tell ya!

  2. Oh yum, I love to grill cheap steak for just a smidge! I bet you're glad you cut your hair in this heat :)


  3. oh, i adore this necklace. it's almost gaudy, but not quite -- it's just gorgeous! i love it very very much. it looks beautiful on you.

  4. Yay, and thanks for the shoutout! Your Thrifted Thursday outfit looks fabulous! I love the warm colors together. I'm also wearing a red belt today (and waiting for Jasen to come home and take photos of me). Thanks for the easy recipe too!

  5. Great outfit! I love the dress and that necklace is gorgeous! :)

    ♥ Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  6. i love that you included dinner pics too, yum!

    beautiful necklace, it looks lovely with your outfit.

    Katie x

  7. This dress is such a great color. I really love the necklace you paired with it. Also your dinner looks AWESOME.

  8. So cute! So cute. Per usual. I walk 20-30 min to work every day (split evenly between walks to the train and to the office) and I am dying in this heat wave! I cannot wait until next week when it should be passing through the East and into the ocean.

    Yummy dinner.

    Sarah Yvonne

  9. no a/c?! how do you function? ours went out for 6 hrs, a few wks ago, & i had to go visit my friend it was so unbearable. does it NOT get as hot in NY, as it does in TX? great coral outfit by the way!

  10. That necklace is beautiful!

  11. You look absolutely lovely! Thos ecolours suit you so well. The dinner also looks very fresh and nice :)

  12. Very pretty necklace...I love mixing pink and red. Also, if you could send some heat towards cold shivery Ireland I'd be much obliged :)

  13. It's 100 here and I'm stuck in the one room with a window unit in my giant hot house! I love this coral dress and that is one of my favorite meals to make..steak salad!


  14. I am drooling over both the outfit and dinner- you are a filly mignon!

  15. i just found your blog, you are too cute.

  16. i love everything about this post....the color of your dress, the idea of 'glowing' rather than 'sweating'.....the flank steak and blue cheese salad....and your hair. so cute. i remember when i chopped all mine off way short like that. awesome.

  17. I adore how your outfit 'matches' your dinner.
    And goodness, you sure don't look like you're sweating... or 'glowing'... you look absolutely marvelous!

  18. very cool dress. The necklace fits it perfectly!

  19. @Vera Elisabeth haha. yes, i am shooting illicit food porn IN MY OWN KITCHEN. someone stop me! @Lenore @ Lather. Write. Repeat. SO GLAD. i can't imagine life without this haircut! @Kat thank you! i found it at this random thrift store in south florida and was delighted!

  20. @Heather Davis i love your thrifted thursdays, so thank YOU for that! you've been killing it with every outfit lately. and more recipes a'comin!

    thank you so much, i'll be sure to stop over at your blog!

    @Katie@Loren thank you! i love the necklace - it keeps falling apart and i keep hot glue gunning it back together, haha.

  21. @Sarah Yvonne thanks so much! yeah it is a nightmare. i keep waiting for the heatwave to end. . . today's been a bit better, but tomorrow it's back up past 90 again. . .

    @Teddi I KNOW. it was 104 here on friday, so i'd say it gets as hot for sure. i've been spending a lot of time lying perfectly still in our one semi-air conditioned room.

    @Mara@Charlie, Feminine Bravery@Unknown thank you so much for the sweet words!

    @The Headless Mannequin oh my gosh, i wish i could but you would regret saying so! so envious of your sweaters and layers!

    @dear winsome yep! that was me, like, all weekend. i had somehow never made a steak salad before but i certainly will make it again!

    @Amelia Once Moore @thatdamngreendress thank you so much! i'm blushing!

  22. @Norbyah thank you! i've got to tell myself i'm doing SOMETHING other than just sweating. . . i have to say, i recommend the hair chop. it feels SO good. (and thank you!!)

    @Rachael thank you kitchen lighting! haha. thank you so much!

    @Isabella thank you!!

  23. Oh my love that outfit!
    The color is gorgeous.
    check out my blog, i am now following.


  24. I want to share your recipes via Pinterest! Please allow :(