Monday, June 27, 2011


good morning!

welp, i had a whole, beautiful food post planned out for today (sous vide duck breast! strawberry balsamic sauce! horseradish potatoes!) and then i went and forgot my camera at home today. duck tomorrow, cowlick today. these shots are from last week and, well, i wasn't going to use them because my hair looks ridiculous, but this haircut has taught me to be humble and laugh at myself a bit more easily, so here they are.


pants: c/o adam
top: j crew
necklace: a gift from sam

my weekend was a bit rough, so i hope yours was safe & satisfying.

more soon,

xo audrey


  1. Ah, the cowlick...I know it well. This is a beautiful look; tres classy. Hope your Monday is going more smoothly than your weekend did! :)

  2. Too darn pretty!

    I had my hair cut really short a year ago and it's so easy to take care of, and everyone thinks it's so refreshing to see a young lady with a pixie cut :)

    I'm sorry to hear your weekend was rough, here's to a good week though!

  3. I think you look utterly lovely! Great necklace, check out your man's good taste, lucky lady

  4. you are so cute :)

    and i love those pants!

  5. Sorry to hear about the rough weekend, but if it cheers you up, your blouse and necklace look divine together!

  6. what bold & beautiful eyes you have! you look fantastic. like a 1960's twiggy or mia farrow. how many people can say that?

  7. I think these pictures are so pretty! I am in love with that necklace! Great outfit. :) Hope you feel better soon dear! <3

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  8. You look so fresh and beautiful :) And the necklace . . oh the necklace is perfect!


  9. @Between Laundry Days thanks dear! i can only hope i pull off this hair as well as you did.

  10. @soychild. thank you! it IS so easy, and i do love that. . . i am so lazy with my hair!

  11. @lauraawell, in truth, he saw i'd liked it and picked it up. :-) smart guy, though!

  12. @Nuha thank you!! so sweet! these pants are a new favorite. sooo comfortable!

  13. @Teddi oh my gosh! nicest compliment ever. thank you so much!