Monday, June 20, 2011

back in the swing

hello everyone. i have to admit, it has been tough to figure out how to jump back into this. i'm waiting for my photographer to send her official wedding photographs, so i kind of want to hold off on the big-official-homerunballerina-got-hitched post, but writing about anything else seems kind of silly, too, since getting married was, you know, pretty much the biggest thing that's happened to me, ever. so i begged my little sister to send me some of her husband's beautiful photos (thanks andy!!) so that i could at least do a little wedding lead-up post.

our banner, made by the lovely caitln of nice

i left work a week before the wedding and took the train up to connecticut to get started on wedding preparations. my to-do list was pretty horrifying. i'd already made a piñata and dyed all 85 cloth napkins, but i still needed to design placecards, cut them out, decorate the piñata, create signs for all the food, and make the topper for the cake. . . not to mention baking everything on the dessert and appetizer menus, which, by the end, had gotten a little out of control. five kinds of macarons, two types of pie lollipops, rosemary creme brulee spoons, malted chocolate chip cookies, and mini lemon blueberry tarts, plus, of course the wedding cake; and for appetizers, two kinds of quiche, lobster rolls, 2 different cold salads, deviled quail eggs, and sam's specialty potatoes. sam had been gone all weekend, fishing with his buddies in the connecticut river; rather than be a responsible adult, staying home and crossing some things off this to-do list, i went out harder than i have in years for three nights in a row, so that not only did i accomplish zilch on the list prior to arriving in connecticut, but i actually took all of monday off once i'd gotten there, choosing instead to kick up my feet, sip some wine, and bask in the glow of my fiancé's presence because hey, we had all week!

yeah, i'm kind of dumb sometimes.

tuesday i spent the entire day sifting almond flour, beating meringues, and folding in colors to make all the macarons: strawberry balsamic mascarpone, lemon cherry dark chocolate, clementine honey white chocolate, chocolate caramel sea salt, and coconut lime. that night my parents arrived, and we had a nice quiet dinner at home as i slowly hyperventilated into my pinot grigio. this was not going as planned. yes, knocking out all the macarons was a big coup; but i had three days left, two of the evenings already set aside for other plans, and a laundry list of things to accomplish.

thank god for dettmars.


my mom and dad got in tuesday, and the rest of the dettmar brood (my older sister emily, her adorable son pete, my sister esther & her husband andy, and my little brother colin,) trickled in over the course of wednesday and reported for duty. we made repeated trips to grocery stores; they chopped strawberries, made pie dough, assembled lollipops, quiches, salads, and cookies. basically, they saved the wedding. i truly wouldn't have been able to do ANY of it without them, and i'm eternally grateful. luckily for me they are all married already, with the exception of my little brother, so i won't be forced into indentured wedding servitude until he finds the right lady. i hope he gives me a couple years to recover.

filling quiches; the tarts, quiches and macarons, ready to be brought out

sam's famous potatoes, and the god-forsaken deviled eggs (quail eggs are my nemesis. i won't be making these again for awhile.)

everything turned out beautifully. the morning of the wedding i woke up at 6 am with butterflies, and went with my dad to pick up bagels and donuts and ride over to the house to start the final preparations. my mom and sister had decorated and filled the piñata the day before; my sister-in-law (and our reverend) sheila sat at the dinner table finishing the placecards; by dad, brother and brother-in-law spent practically the entire day blowing up 700 balloons to fill the roof of the tent (despite andy's CRIPPLING allergies which he was too sweet to complain about.) my mom and esther tied ribbons to the pie pops to identify flavors, and two of my former co-workers showed up and became honorary family members by busting ass all day to assemble the cake, bake all the cookies, make buttercream, and finish the creme brulees.

my cake topper, and my mom & sister's handiwork

rosemary creme brulee spoons; malted chocolate chip cookies

this is what 5 hours worth of balloons look like.

in the end, i know everyone says it, but i look back on that day and just feel so incredibly grateful for my friends and family. people woke up at the crack of dawn (and in my family's case, REPEATEDLY woke up at the crack of dawn, to be subjected to such menial tasks as peeling impossibly small eggs and curling ribbons on the ends of lollipops) to make our wedding exactly what we wanted, and it absolutely, positively was. there is nothing about the day i would have changed (except, perhaps, my choice of facial hair remover, but more on that later,) and i am eternally grateful for all the wonderful, generous, talented people i'm surrounded by that made it possible. i love you all, and i am forever in your debt. i promise i'll make you dinner one of these days to show my gratitude. yes, you. every last one of you.

we got married under the apple tree. . .

and ate dinner and danced under the tent.


much, much more to come. i should have our photographer's photos in a couple of weeks, and there are some really amazing details i haven't even gone into - our florist put together the must gorgeous centerpieces and bouquets i have ever seen, i swear, and the dancing was, as my mother would say, off the heezy. (yes. she really would say that.)

much love,

xo audrey


  1. It looks like such a BEAUTIFUL wedding. I can't wait to see the official pics. Congratulations!

  2. So I've definitely decided that my wedding will look eerily similar to yours- it's so breathtaking and charming. Wonderful job to you and your family, congratulations again!! (:

  3. some lovely touches! i'm particularly enamoured by the famous potatoes (what do they involve?!), the rosemary creme brulee spoons - wowza - & the balloons, they look kind of magical & nostalgic & modern all at the same time :) Hope you had a wonderful time, & here's to your future!

    Katie x
    {glass of fashion}

  4. Whoa,lady! You really put yourself to work. This wedding looks like a dream, and I can't wait to see more pictures :o)

  5. I cant wait to see the final photos. I imagine your wedding was wonderful!

  6. even though those balloons were a lot of work, they really look incredible! congratulations!

  7. LOVE!! Everything was so beautiful and the food looks amazing!! Those flowers look gorgeous! :)

  8. WOW!!!! Everything looks so stunning, and I can't believe you, your family and friends made all that food on your own! It looks so good!

  9. @Katie thanks! they're fingerling potatoes stuffed with a truffle-infused goat cheese, topped off with some pink peppercorns and chives. they are DIVINE. i posted the recipe above if you like.

  10. This looks like the perfect wedding. Congratulations!

  11. everything looks so beautiful, and utterly delicious! but i really wanna know if you turned into bridezilla? ;) i'm joking.

  12. oh my god - i am so amazed by all the baking and work you put into your wedding. it's stressful enough to deal with things like, revenue, guests, menu, and YOU but you did an amazing job. Really, everything looks incredible! Congrats!

  13. Wow.

    ...You're superwoman. But i think it's amazing -- not only did you pull it off, it seems to me it turned out grand and beautiful.

    Congratulations (on so many levels)!

  14. ahhhh, it looks like it was PERFECT! and so much fun! i'm so happy that it turned out so well for you. my husband and i also had the same feeling of gratitude that you wrote about. weddings are good at pointing out all the great people in your life. i think that was probably the best part of my wedding... besides the whole getting married thing. ;)