Tuesday, February 1, 2011

magic bus

saturday evening, after rousing late in the morning, ordering some mexican brunch to be delivered, eating in bed, and falling back asleep for a couple of hours, i got spruced up and headed into manhattan to celebrate a friend's birthday in true style: on a limo bus. it equipped with multi-colored strobe lights, a karaoke machine, and a stripper pole; one of the instructions we were given was not to hang from the bars near the ceiling whilst dancing. so, imagine that, absolutely packed with drinking 20-somethings, shimmying to lady gaga, and you probably get a vague picture of the night; it was an absolute blast. we stopped at a bluegrass bar and an old haunt of mine in williamsburg before i had to call it a night (and while sam and i were still undefeated foosball champs.)

dress: etsy
tights: DKNY
shoes: devotte
necklace: from my ma

it was a perfect night to get dressed up, since we got dropped off and picked up from each location as we went through the night, and i didn't have to worry too much about staying warm.

aaah, it is 1 am. i'd best be getting to sleep!

xo audrey


  1. Sounds like a lovely night! And your outfit is just perfect for an evening out.

  2. Wow, I love your dress.

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

  3. The all grey palette is so sophisticated but the sparkles make it so fun!

  4. awee lady in grey! I CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU tomorrow ;) xo, Kim www.eatsleepwear.com