Tuesday, February 1, 2011


yesterday, my friend ashlee braved the cold and came over to my neck of the woods for what would have been a perfect playdate when i was 8 years old - crafting and blt's for dinner. of course, the blt's were made with prosciutto, arugula, and truffled mayonnaise, and the crafting was accompanied by glasses of syrah; but all in all, it was good, clean fun.

i became an aunt again about ten days ago, when sam's older sister gave birth to her second daughter - so my task was to make her a congratulations card. ashlee got workin' on a valentine's day card for her man (as did i, but that is top secret for another couple of weeks.)

while i do not recommend hand-stitching your congratulations into card stock if you value your fingertips (or your sanity,) it does give me some ideas for embroidering some clothing. . . soon to come!

in this weather all i want to do is drink spiced cider, make cards, and watch cooking shows. how do you guys deal with cabin fever?

xo audrey


  1. I love playdates! My gal pal and I make them happen often at my Fort Greene pad- we pull out some fun items, make some snacks and geek out over our idea of 'adult' fun!

    BK playdates fo' life

  2. sooo adorable, amazing work!!

  3. OMG YUM!!!! Your sandwich just reminded me that I have enough to make a BLT tomorrow. Thanks.

    I've been having cabin fever and I was sans internet over night so it made it really tough for me to figure out what to do with myself. TV was my saving grace.

  4. need want have: i'm in for green too! represent!

    rebecca, fashion therapist and ttft: thanks guys! xo

  5. That sandwich looks beeeautiful!
    What a lovely playdate.