Sunday, January 30, 2011


hello hello! ten days ago now (man, time flies) i had the pleasure of the company of a bunch of sweet and fashionable folks, including claire, christine, christina, and keiko, as we got to drink sweet drinks, eat sliders, listen to live music, and view the club monaco spring collection. it's always fun to get together with these girls regardless of the affair, but this was one of my favorite events to date - in no small part because it ended with us all getting to choose one piece from the collection to take home for our very own. there were so many things i loved, and i hemmed and hawed until the last moment, but ended up snagging this silk racerback dress - it's so comfy, and i felt like it would be really versatile. . . and a perfect piece to take on a honeymoon (assuming, of course, we go somewhere warm. with all the frantic planning we've been doing, sam and i haven't yet managed to figure out where to head after the wedding. . .suggestions welcome!)

what is the pose in this photo? holding imaginary handbag? preparing to balance tray of cocktails? i'm a little teapot? who knows.

dress: club monaco spring collection
scalloped slip: thrifted
tights: HUE
shoes: madewell
my new favorite necklace: laura lombardi

and for what occasion did i don this apparel? fondue party!! sam and i have been wanting to have a big dinner party for some time, and decided that there's no better dinner than one in which you dunk everything into cheese. i spent all thursday and friday prepping appetizers and desserts, blanching vegetables, cutting bread into cubes, and grating cheese (well, actually, i had my dear friend ashlee to help with that. . .) for friday night, when our apartment was packed and the food got absolutely destroyed, in the best way possible. sam has now caught the host bug and we're planning our next dinner party already - with a beer and pizza theme (homebrewed beer a la sam, and homemade pizza a la audrey.)

so much more to post - lots of things swirling around in my world and this head of mine, and i'll do my best to get them down here before long!

OH! and my tights DIY was featured on styleist a couple days ago! made my day.

hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

xo audrey