Wednesday, June 16, 2010

bang bang

so, last friday i decided i was bored with my hair, and it hadn't been touched by scissors in almost a year, so i made a phone call and scheduled a cut for that day. i have this fantasy of getting married with hair that is at least long enough to pull over one shoulder; it is truly pathetic how often i dream of waking up with hair about six inches longer than it is currently. really, subconscious? that's the best you can do for me? and as much as i hate to be that girl that is thinking about her freaking wedding day hairstyle a year in advance, it seems i am that girl, so i told anya (the sweet russian girl who chopped it) not to take off any length. she snipped away for about 40 minutes, and even took the time to diffuse my hair (something i never bother with - if i leave my hair to air dry, it curls itself -) and i happily paid her and went home. upon closer inspection, though, i couldn't really tell it had been cut. it looked. . .cleaner, maybe? but you'd never know i'd paid to have it cut unless i'd told you. so after a few days of hemming and hawing, i showed back up today and asked her to cut me some bangs. so there you go. i got a haircut. now you can tell.

top: quail
skirt: quail
shoes: uo
purse: vintage

this shirt, from quail, is one of my all-time favorites. unfortunately, last summer, while out of town and sautéing some onions in butter, a bit of oil leapt onto the shirt and i knew i didn't have time to get it to a dry cleaner, so i made the fatal mistake of washing it. even without putting it in the dryer, it shrunk up and warped a bit, so i'm left with a top that fits a little odd and is about 2 inches shorter than i'd like. so today i decided to do something about it, and sewed some vintage lace to the bottom, for modesty's sake.

tomorrow is friday (for me,) then friday night i have a show to attend, then saturday morning i'm off to california for a week of relaxing with my family (sam included.) i'll bring my computer and try to be better about posting - i'll have no excuse! - as i have many photos and recipes to catch up on.

until then

xo audrey

Thursday, June 10, 2010

she's crafty

hello! i've been making some cards lately and it occurred to me that i may not have mention this hobby of mine. when i lived in chicago i had a small business hand-making invitations for a bar mitzvah here, a wedding there. i really miss sitting down and making things out of tiny pieces of paper, so lately i've been grabbing every excuse to do so. i've also decided to make the save the dates (and invitations, eventually) for the wedding myself, but it's way too early to send those out just yet, so i'm keeping my hands busy with this kinda stuff.

while i'm speaking crafts, i've been meaning to mention this lady for awhile - alexis brown, a friend from chicago who makes beautiful, witty embroideries. she now has an etsy store so you can have some of her goodness for your own.

get some.

xo, audrey

lookbook contest

hi everyone! wanted to really quick let you know about a contest that the ladies at purple lab, who did the lovely photo shoot you see in the last post, are having now through july third. their makeup really is amazing (this coming from a girl who rarely wears much of it, but totally would if i had a cabinet full of their goods.) all the details are below. good luck and hope you're all having a wonderful week!

Remember when makeup used to be playful and fun? Purple Lab does! Today we will launch a Look Book on our Web site, starring fashion and beauty bloggers and friends, meant to inspire women to experiment with beauty tips and tricks, while creating an effortless online shopping experience.

To celebrate the Look Book launch, Purple Lab is launching a contest, inviting consumers to recreate and upload looks inspired by the Look Book, on Purple Lab's Facebook fan page for a chance to win Purple Lab beauty products. The contest will run through July 3, 2010.

more soon!

xo audrey

Thursday, June 3, 2010

birthday mirthday

hello everyone! it is my 25th birthday today, and i have the perfect thing to post - a few weeks ago i took part in a photo shoot for purple labs. the photos turned out so nicely, and i just found out yesterday that i got featured on women's wear daily online yesterday and will be in the print version today!! very flattering and exciting, and a perfect little birthday surprise.

so, here are the photos, along with what they had me wear in every look. i am not a big makeup-wearer (i load the mascara on daily, but don't really wear anything else,) and i definitely never take photos of my face, so it was fun to get to have someone do this for me and actually be happy with the results.

Look: Red Alert
Makeup Artist: Ani Hovhannisyan
Photographer: Ana Schecter,
Get the Look:
*Skin- Apply Pearlesque Show Primer followed by Silk Sheets
*Eyes- Luxury Squared, Cheek Implants in Backstage Pass and Huge Lips Skinny Hips in Red Sole, Lashionista Modelista in After Dark
*Cheeks- Cheek Implants in Backstage Pass
*Lips- Huge Lips Skinny Hips in Kitty Poledancer

Look: Glow Girl
Makeup Artist: Ani Hovhannisyan
Photographer: Ana Schecter,
Get the Look:
* Skin- Apply Pearlesque Show Primer followed by Silk Sheets
* Eyes- Lashionista Modelista, Luxury Squared, Huge Lips Skinny Hips in Red Sole
* Cheeks Cheek Implants in Backstage Pass on apples of cheeks
* Lips- No Panty Lines Huge Lips Skinny Hips

they even did a behind-the-scenes video, which i hesitantly link to here. is it ever NOT weird to see yourself on video?

any way, that's all from me for now. happy june 3rd everyone! have a lovely weekend! i'm scooting off to work and then sam is whisking me and one of my closest friends off to the beach for a couple of days. it should be absolutely divine.

xo audrey