Thursday, June 10, 2010

lookbook contest

hi everyone! wanted to really quick let you know about a contest that the ladies at purple lab, who did the lovely photo shoot you see in the last post, are having now through july third. their makeup really is amazing (this coming from a girl who rarely wears much of it, but totally would if i had a cabinet full of their goods.) all the details are below. good luck and hope you're all having a wonderful week!

Remember when makeup used to be playful and fun? Purple Lab does! Today we will launch a Look Book on our Web site, starring fashion and beauty bloggers and friends, meant to inspire women to experiment with beauty tips and tricks, while creating an effortless online shopping experience.

To celebrate the Look Book launch, Purple Lab is launching a contest, inviting consumers to recreate and upload looks inspired by the Look Book, on Purple Lab's Facebook fan page for a chance to win Purple Lab beauty products. The contest will run through July 3, 2010.

more soon!

xo audrey

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  1. Thanks for the Purple Lab love! Check out our contest to win Purple Lab products - MWAH!