Thursday, June 10, 2010

she's crafty

hello! i've been making some cards lately and it occurred to me that i may not have mention this hobby of mine. when i lived in chicago i had a small business hand-making invitations for a bar mitzvah here, a wedding there. i really miss sitting down and making things out of tiny pieces of paper, so lately i've been grabbing every excuse to do so. i've also decided to make the save the dates (and invitations, eventually) for the wedding myself, but it's way too early to send those out just yet, so i'm keeping my hands busy with this kinda stuff.

while i'm speaking crafts, i've been meaning to mention this lady for awhile - alexis brown, a friend from chicago who makes beautiful, witty embroideries. she now has an etsy store so you can have some of her goodness for your own.

get some.

xo, audrey


  1. i LOVED the b-day card! just a simple idea that came out REALLY well! congrats on your creativity! always!

  2. So much beauty in such small, tidy packages!

  3. ohhhhh
    this is amazing
    i love it.

  4. hey! Thanks for showing my stuff, Audrey! :) And I love your cards. Nick gave me one of yours for my bday a couple years ago!

  5. Cute cards! I've always wanted to start making cards, arts & crafts are so much fun :)

  6. just reblogged alexiai's needlepoint. great find. xox

  7. These cards are just FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! I love them--very inpspiring!

    Tracy, The Wardrobe Wanderer