Monday, December 6, 2010

a very merry unbirthday

hello hello! i'm happy to be home, eating leftovers and catching up on some hulu, emails, and blogging on this freezing cold monday. it's finally starting to be winter in new york. i can't complain, since the mild weather seems to have held out longer here than almost anywhere else in the country; and besides, after five chicago winters, i'm hard to faze.

friday was my half birthday, a fact that i'd just as soon realized as dismissed a couple of days before. sam (who, i think i've mentioned, is an avid skateboarder) had plans to invite over several of his skate-friends for some ordered-in pizza and lots of growlers of beer, and i was happily resigned to a somewhat rambunctious night of watching skateboarding videos and listening to stories involving lots of lingo and names i don't really understand. 8:30 rolled around, our buzzer buzzed, and i hid out in my room for an extra minute or two before emerging to meet whomever had arrived - to my great surprise and confusion, a friend of mine i hadn't seen in some time. ta-da! sam threw me my first ever surprise party. my 26th birthday is this coming june 3rd, which also happens to be the day before our wedding; he thought it might get glossed over with all the nuptial hubbub, so he decided to do something about it. which is pretty much the sweetest thing i've ever heard.

so i got to spend my friday surrounded by friends, eating pizza and drinking beer. and wine. it was lovely. i've left the decorations up (oh yes, there were decorations) and i have no plans of taking them down any time soon. what a lucky lady i am.

what i happened to be wearing for my surprise birthday party:

shirt: j crew
necklace: vintage, etsy'd
undershirt: urban
corduroys: urban
shoes: madewell

this necklace is a favorite that has been literally shelved for some time - stuck in a jewelry box until i could decide what to do with it. the latch broke off (darn cheap vintage costume jewelry!) and i finally had the idea to simply tie ribbons to the end of the thing, and voila! it is not only fixed but now better than ever - i can adjust the length.

all right everyone! i've got gift guides to complete, dishes to wash and save the dates to sew and send. . . i've been procrastinating.

xo audrey