Tuesday, December 28, 2010

snowy day #2

as i'm sure everyone has heard by now, new york is covered in snow. from what i understand, manhattan was in somewhat better shape today - but brooklyn (or at least, what i've seen of it, which is very little, since i've only trudged about 4 blocks to walgreens and back in the last 2 and a half days) is absolutely buried, with many bus lines cancelled, including my sole way to get to work. so the last two days have been spent pent up in my apartment, making soup (italian wedding soup, which is so, so good on a cold, trapped day,) posting a few things in my etsy store, doing a bit of sewing, and doing entirely too much window shopping online. it seems that absolutely ever online shop you've ever heard of has a massive sale going on right now, so i'm going to purge some of my major lusts on here in hopes that it cures the aching in my heart. (i'm a dork. also i think cabin fever is making me lose my mind a little.)

darling dress in tweed, drop waist pin tuck dress, laser scallop dress, embellished collar shift dress mina silky bow dress, & bow front mini shift dress

all from asos.com. which has free shipping both ways. which is making it really, really hard to close these tabs.

hope everyone's having a lovely week, and had a great christmas! i got some great thrifting done, ate a ton of pierogies, and came home flush with leftovers and stocking stuffers. now i'm looking forward to new years; sam and i will be in chattanooga, tennessee for the weekend (strangely enough,) so if any of you have any suggestions of thrift spots, i'd love the tip!

sleep tight & warm, everyone!


  1. that peter pan collar dress is adorable, I need one! Great picks. xx

  2. i love the yellow mustard dress, especially the collar. i have some removable ones, and i wear them all the time. :)