Tuesday, December 21, 2010

holiday cheer

aloha! i spent a good part of this weekend laid up with a nasty cold (thank heavens for sudafed,) which gave me ample time (and sudafed-fueled energy) to whip up some holiday treats.

chocolate brigadeiros (i put whiskey in mine,) vanilla bean pralines, peanut butter rice krispie bars (the recipe is actually from the bakery where i work!), gingerbread spice cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream, toasted almond and raspberry jam macarons, and eggnog snickerdoodles.

now i have a lovely assortment to bring to sam's family for christmas this weekend.

happy holidays, everyone!

xo audrey


  1. With those in tow, it will be a merry Christmas indeed!

  2. oh wow! They all look amazing, you'll be the perfect host!

  3. everything looks so yummy, happy holidays!!

  4. i'm following you!
    loving your blog, and i'll be back for sure!
    have a merry christmas and happy holiday!
    and come visit COSMICaroline for some more holiday cheer!!


  5. all looks yum but my comment off the mark here is to say the garlic cutter gift idea = big hit (i gave two , one to a dear friend & the other to my 12 year old). people looked on with envy.

  6. How did you make the snowflake? Did you do that by hand? Cool, they look so delicious! Also, if I haven't said this before, I love your blog :).

    teri at tintedseaglass.blogspot.com

  7. thanks so much all! sarah, glad the garlic cutter was a hit. i use mine almost daily. the best.