Wednesday, January 6, 2010


hello and happy 2010! i know i am a bit late on the new year greetings - my holidays were pretty crazy. christmas on the east coast, new years on the west, work every day in between, so my apologies for my delayed well-wishing. i'm currently drinking a home-brewed beer and catching up on a bit of hulu; it feels like the first day i've had time to sit down and post in ages.

christmas was wonderful - sam and i spent the day watching violent movies, eating homemade pierogies, and drinking with his family. i slept in every day and ate more than much of the rest of the family combined. on the way home i stopped at 5 goodwills - i'm sorry i didn't know it in time to alert everyone, but every goodwill (at least every one on the way from connecticut to new york) had a half-off sale the day after christmas, which means i got a huge haul of stuff for next to nothing. lots and lots of stuff to post. sam's mom also bestowed upon me her mother's mink coat. the hem needs to be fixed but it is absolutely stunning and i can't wait for the right occasion to wear it out.

my new years was quiet, to say the least; my baby sister esther got married on the second, which meant rehearsal and dinner were the first, which meant a 7 am flight to california on new years day. the wedding was beautiful, though; 75 and sunny in southern california, and i got to dance my tail off for the first time in awhile.

resolutions: to start doing yoga on a regular basis before bed. to start an etsy shop of vintage clothes that don't fit me/don't fit my closet anymore/etc. to re-ignite my card shop online. i'll be sure to keep you guys updated as these things get going.

dress: bought at the flea market weeks ago, shortened it, finally wearing it now.
socks: american apparel
purse: kennedy holmes
shoes: aldo

i'm going to let these photos up without doing the whole black/white thing; just wanted to throw something up and say thanks for reading, hope you had wonderful holidays, and i will write more tomorrow!

i leave you with one of my favorite songs by the zombies, which i always think of this time of year. 2010 is shaping up to be a great one for me; i wish the same for all of you.

much love,

xo audrey


  1. ooh la la that vintage coat is beautiful. and i know how you feel, i am also still recovering from the holidays!

  2. very cute! that vintage coat is gorgeous, and i love the black and white dress you found at a flea market!

    lovelove, M.

  3. Audrey, that vintage dress is so pretty, I love it's beautiful collar. And that beautiful coat is, of course, stunning!!

  4. Hmm, yoga before bed, every night. That's a lovely idea. I think I might steal it.
    Also, your outfit = ♥, as always.

  5. The detail on that little dress is gorgeous! Super buy!


  6. That coat is gorgeous! I'd never buy new fur, but old fur is always so glamorous and shunning it does no good for anybody... I came across this article on how to alter, condition, clean, and deodorize old furs, and I thought of you and your new (old) coat!

  7. Pretty, pretty dress. I love the detail on that peter pan collar!

    Nice coat, too. Can't wait to see how you style it! :)