Tuesday, January 26, 2010


i cracked 307 eggs at work today. the bakery where i work was featured on the food network friday evening, and as a result orders for a particular brownie have been pouring in for the last couple days. yet still when i came home today i wanted to bake, and with eggs, so i cracked six more and set to work on a beet, leek, goat cheese and pine nut tart that i've been thinking about making for a few days.

i'm sorry i got a bit camera happy here, but my gosh, isn't food just gorgeous?

i made it down to philadelphia thursday night, in time for dinner at a mexican place where they provide fresh squeezed juice and you bring your own tequila. we spent most of the next day wandering around the city, hitting record shops and thrift stores (to the girl who asked where i thrift in philly - i stopped at one salvation army oxford near 5th, which i basically walked right back out of, and then actually crossed the bridge to camden to a giant one right there, where i didn't have a ton of time but found a bunch.) before grabbing a quick banh mi sandwich in chinatown at qt sandwich. philadelphians - they are $4.95 and they are fresh, filling and delicious. after that we met up with a few folks at national mechanics where i had one too many 'raging bitch' belgian beers and ended up arguing about outsider art with a relative stranger. the next morning was a bit rough, but that's what breakfast buffets are for! and we headed to a flea market where i scored this gem:

other than that, the flea market was pretty much a bust; i've been to really wonderful antiquey fleas, like the one in the west loop in chicago or dumbo, but this was the sort with a guy selling boxes of cereal for $2 out of the back of his pickup and after awhile in a place like that, when you aren't finding any hidden treasures, you just start to feel depressed. so we headed outside of the city for a bit, to another thrift store where i found a few things and wasted several hours.

in related news - i should have my etsy up and running no later than next week. i'm hoping to get some things posted before this weekend, but we'll see. . . the to-do list for this week is a bit disturbing at the moment.


shirt: betsey johnson dress
brooch: flea market
skirt: thrifted
shoes: devotte
purse: etsy

there is no non-clichéd way to do so, but i really want to take a second to thank everyone so much for reading, and especially for all the incredibly kind emails/links/comments lately. i can't express how touched and flattered i am that you read at all, much less take the time and trouble to write. i hope everyone has a wonderful week, i should have more soon - oh! and i am going to start having a twice-monthly food column over at glasses glasses; my first will be up this wednesday, and will feature the recipe from this tart i made today. (i'll try to cross-post, the recipe at least.)

xo audrey


  1. I read your blog regularly, but have never commented before, I love your meld of style, personal bits, and FOOD!!! listen, I NEED to know how to make this tart, you basically took all my favorite things and put them in a crust! (my OTHER favorite thing!) if you didn't feel like posting it,
    whenever you get a second, I'm sure you're busy. thanks for the great reading!

  2. that tart looks so yummy! i might have to try and make that one myself :)

    Your outfit looks great too, smart and cute!

    Have a great week too!

  3. That red skirt is amazing! Love it with the top and little clutch!

  4. love the neckline on that top, so sulty and pretty. and all that food has me craving healthy treats, yum!

  5. i do read your blog for style but i do greatly appreciate the food pics. i love food too!

  6. Audrey, you're seriously becoming more amazing with every post. This outfit is absolutely my favorite, and your food photos are drool-worthy. DROOL.

  7. Lovely outfit and mouth-watering food. How do you stay so thin? Seriously. Also, I always appreciate the way you photograph your style and your food creations. I wish I knew how to take photos like you.

    I never got to thank you for dropping by my blog and your nice comment about my hat-lining post. Thanks, Audrey!

    By the way, I made a neck piece inspired by you, worked on it for a couple of weeks. I hope you like it.

    Take care!
    Man Hands Lizzie

  8. nom, that tart looks delish. What are you using to way down your pastry crust while you pre-bake it? Lovely outfit, I too am a big fan of pink and red together.

  9. very cute (and tropical) outfit. love the pattern of the Betsy J dress. and loooove wearing dresses as shirts (doing it today).


  10. wow, i love how you paired the red skirt with this amazing top...


  11. If I could bake and cook like you, I'd never go to a restaurant again. I love your outfit btw! The red skirt really pops:)

  12. wow. leeks and goat cheese are wonderful together, but w. beets is another level. sweet necklace - great find!

  13. OMG, your pics are like food porn!!! LOL. Love it.

  14. mmmmm going to the kitchen and making a tart.....or buy one. Love the photos!!