Friday, December 12, 2008


hello friends, it's been far too long! i've had a whirlwind, life-changing week; life is good, but different, and it's been harder and harder to wake up on time in the morning. as a result my outfitting has suffered. today, though, i gave it a shot, despite my swollen lymph nodes and general yuck-feeling.

i recently purchased some headphones at a little shop on bedford near my apartment. many years ago, i believe sam and i's first holidays together, he gave me a pair of bose triports for hannukah. i was underwhelmed by the unromantic nature of the gift until i started using them - it was freezing cold outside, and these amazing headphones not only sounded fantastic but also kept my little ears nice and warm during chicago winters. those headphones have long since been stepped on and lost, so i decided it was time to replace them.

i got a pair of panasonic retro style headphones - they don't sound as good as the triports, but at a third of the price and twice the style, i'd say they're well worth it:

they come in white, pink, green, and black, and if any of you folks are looking for dual-functioning earmuffs this winter, i can't recommend them highly enough.

on to today:

the first pose was not meant to be pinuppy so much as it was to show what shoes i was wearing.

skirt: received from dee, who was given it by vanessa; when i got it was longer and had suspender straps, which are always awkward for girls with boobs, so i deleted them and shortened the skirt a bit.

shirt: american apparel

tights: old old old, from my mama

boots: irregular choice

necklace: also old and from mom

belt: thrifted at the salvation army on bedford

i miss you all tons. i'll be in chicago for a few days around new years and hope to see you all then!

xo xo audrey

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