Thursday, December 18, 2008

one week until christmas

and i still have shopping to do for 3/5 family members. actually, 4/6 if you count grandma. fuck. i guess i'll do it this weekend. . .

at our office we had secret santa exchange yesterday. i lucked out and my secret santa turned out to be the adorable gay boy with a love for labels, kenji; he bought me a marc by marc jacobs clutch. i think i can honestly say it is the first designer thing i have ever owned in my life. i am not huge on labels generally, but it's a cool thing to have, i guess, although i worry that i am too careless for such nice things. my first instinct was to shove it inside of my purse to get it home, but i then realized that this would scratch the patent leather, so i carried two purses awkwardly, all the way home.

anyway, it is thursday, which is almost friday. tonight i am going to the rag & bone holiday party with my roommates - rachel recently procured a job there, and jared is dating one of the buyers. should be a good time. i really just wanted an excuse to wear this new necklace i bought yesterday, so the outfit is nothing too special:

necklace: h&m
shirt: not american apparel. some little store owned by j crew that had t shirts on sale for $6.
skirt: american apparel

i am thinking of letting my hair grow long. like, really long. every time i see a girl with long flowy hair on the subway i literally have to resist an urge to reach out and run my fingers through it. i used to have hair like that. it is such a great accessory. i want it back.


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