Monday, December 29, 2008

36 hours in brooklyn

hello everyone!

i wish i could say that i am nice and rested from my 5 days in california, but in truth i am absolutely exhausted. i was supposed to come back thursday night in time for class friday, but i caught an awful cold on the plane ride to los angeles and ended up staying for an extra few days to try to sleep it off. it was really nice to be able to do so, even if it meant missing class and a many-times-rescheduled doctors appointment. saturday was spent at my second-cousin kathleen's house in venice beach; i think i even got some sun. her husband is an architect/contractor and their house, although less than 1000 square feet, was absolutely incredible. every square inch designed and thought out to the max. despite my ailment i managed to drink enough wine to feel warm and fuzzy and have long talks with my parents every night, which was actually quite nice. i hope everyone here had a good holiday.

i work today, have class tonight, and this time tomorrow it'll be d-e-e and me, the audrey to the d, speeding down the LSD towards m-hen-ry. (eh? eh?) i land in chicago at about 10 am, brunch with dee, shopping for dinner tomorrow night, then tattooing and thrifting and wine drinking and bed snuggling and fun-having will follow for the next 3.5 days. my only set plans so far are a (small) dinner party tomorrow night, and a quick drive-by at the post family new years party and then dancing all night at the hideout on new years. if you read this, and live in chicago, odds are i would love to see you, so please get in touch!

quickly, today: (chicagoans, don't judge me if you see this outfit replayed in the near future.)

sweater: anthropologie, ebayed
onesie: dalage, boutique in greenpoint
tights: two pairs, one vintage and one from urban outfitters
boots: irregular choice, via zappos

see you all soon!


  1. Hi. I can't believe you tracked down this sweater. It sold out at the one anthropologie in the DFW area. I love this sweater. I dream about it at night. Love this whole ensemble, actually. Now that you've worn it, can I please have it? The sweater, I mean. Seriously.