Monday, November 17, 2008


a slang term for women that hipsters used in the 60's. also the name of a clothing brand that i am now in love with. this weekend was rachel's birthday and after brunch and prop-8 protesting, we stopped in a boutique on the lower east side and tried on pretty dresses that we couldn't afford. i fell in love with this one.

this picture doesn't really do it justice. this is one of the rare pieces of clothing that actually looks better on us curvy girls than it does skinny models, and every photo i found online featured a girl who weighed as much as one of my legs wearing the dress. i have never felt so pretty in a piece of clothing before. but it was just too expensive. so i walked away, but i didn't forget it.

fast forward to last night. my friend jess and i were wandering around after drinking way too much coffee and decided to stop in this boutique called catbird. a sign outside advertised that everything inside was 30% off. after a bit of poking around, i found the dress! not only was it 30% off, but it was $30 less than the other had been to start off with. at almost half the original price, i bought it.

now i just have to find an excuse to wear it. oh, and i have to stop buying shit. it was gotten a little out of control lately. but i think it's all worth it.

how cold are you right now, chicago? can a girl wear a strapless dress with leggings and boots as long as she has a heavy coat?

see you soon!

xo audrey


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