Monday, October 19, 2009

this is what a kitchen should look like.

i'd include the mess of the flour in that statement. many apologies for my silence of late. it had been so long since i posted something that when i decided to this morning, it went like this - look for camera: 1 minute. look for camera charger/battery: 20 minutes. take photos: ten minutes. look for cable to connect camera and computer: 13 minutes. now that i've located all the necessary accoutréments (i just made up that accent mark, i hope it's in approximately the right place,) i should be able to keep up a little better.

what have i been up to in the meantime? cooking. lots and lots of cooking. some things i've made (at least what i can remember) in the last couple weeks:

eggs benedict. homemade pasta with cherry tomatoes, cheese, basil and topped with an egg yolk. basil infused creme brulée. ginger macaroons. carrot soup with granny smith apple and beet slices. beet soup with a cucumber dill garnish. mushroom goat cheese soufflés. a pear almond tart. huevos rancheros. homemade bagels. banana nut espresso muffins.

so basically i have just been living a life i didn't know could exist. where i am so happy it feels like bliss might start oozing out of my ears. but that's no reason to be so lazy about posting, and you guys have been very patient with me, so here we go.

i actually have quite a few new outfits to post - sam and i were in philadelphia last weekend and he dropped me off for a bit at the biggest thrift store i've ever seen - a huge warehouse full, and a REAL thrift store, where a pair of pants costs $1.90, not $19 like so many of the 'thrift' stores i see in brooklyn and manhattan. i picked up several things, and i really feel like a good trip to the thrift store can change your entire style, at least for awhile - i picked up two of these rather old-fashioned, high-waisted pleated skirts and i really adore the shape they make. also grabbed a few more high-waisted mom pants that you'll be sure to see a lot of, and a perfect lacoste cardigan that will definitely be making lots of appearances this winter as i attempt to stay warm in my three-quarter sleeve length coat.

top: vintage, artists & fleas
skirt: thrifted in philly
gloves: flea market
shoes: aldo

gave up on the hair straightening after one try. i think i like it better unruly anyhow.

more soon. honest.

xo audrey

**edit** i just realized i didn't even remember to black out the background of this post. THAT'S how out of practice i am i guess. i'll do it for tomorrow's post.


  1. What was the name of the thrift store you went to in Philly? I'd love to know the name of it so I can visit on my next trip : )

  2. So glad you are back! I missed you blogging!! :)

    It sounds like you are having a fabulous time... and your food looks so yummy! I want a banana nut expresso muffin now!!! :)


  3. Seriously... I LIVE in Philly & haven't the slightest idea of where you could be talking about! Do tell.

  4. i like the skirt! i used to live in philly, and would love to know which store you got the skirt from!


  5. great update. cropping out the background's gonna take you another 10 mins, lol.

    you're so right what you said about thrift clothes. that's why i keep going back to flea markets to pick up cheap things for experimenting.

  6. Yay, you are back to blogging (somewhat :) ). I love those cute green hangers! My first thought was -- "Oh, how adorable -- did she get new ones or something?" And then I realized I had no idea what color your hangers were before and that something was wrong ;)

    Your culinary productions sound marvelous!

  7. I've been checking your blog everyday so I'm glad you're back! I'm interested in finding out the name of this thrfitstore too! I make it a point to visit thrift stores on my vacations.

  8. wow! i wish i could cook like you! glad you're back to posting but i'm glad you've had a happy break. and ps i love your curly hair! you don't need to straighten it, it's so darling curly!

    (so you can check yourself out on my blogroll!)

  9. nice thrift finds!!! i totaly hate that the second hand shops raise their prices ridiculously....

    very nice blog and lots of style

  10. wow, I really like the outfit, especially with the long gloves