Monday, October 5, 2009

katherine hepburn

friday night: furniture moving. homemade margherita pizza. too much wine.

saturday: ikea (surprisingly painless,) furniture assembling (not-surprisingly painful,) banana-pecan pancakes for breakfast and dinner.

sunday: atlantic antic during the day, dinner party in the eve.

today was find-a-goddamn-job day, so i tried to tone down the weirdness and wear something relatively professional. perhaps not surprisingly difficult to do with my wardrobe. the good news is i have something brewing that i feel pretty hopeful about; i'll keep the details under wraps until i know something for sure. i'm not superstitious, but you know.

shirt: thrifted
pants: OTTE online
shoes: devotte
necklace: ebay
ring: gift, from sam, from atlantic antic
purse: thrifted

i am determined to be better about posting, but this one alone has taken forever because my internet still isn't up and running. more soon.


  1. I love the way you take photos!! SO pretty!

  2. you got your hair straightened?! but you still looked good. love that yellow top with the necklace peeking that way. top's perfect with the pants. all the best!

  3. Beautiful outfit! I love your hair like that too.


  4. I love love love this look! :) That yellow thrifted shirt is divine!

  5. I was thinking about rocking this same silhouette in the coming season, with more of a Helmut Newton vibe (thinking of that YSL "Le Smoking" photo)-- though I don't smoke... in ANY way right now, and wonder if any dream could be further out of reach...
    Also thought of doing it with saddle oxfords the way Katherine would, though I was thinking of Lauren Bacall. Will probably end up more reminiscent of Elaine Benes, HUH, ALEA?
    You look peachy-- nice bag.

  6. You're beautiful !

  7. I really think that hair is perfect!
    I just love how the necklace perfectly peeks out of the shirt....

  8. Pants! I love your pants! You make them look so feminine!

  9. I love the Kate inspiration! You look so sleek and cool.