Tuesday, March 20, 2012

back to black

so, i'd been rocking ("rocking" in the loosest sense of the word) the bleach-blonde-with-dark-roots look for a long time - i didn't really have a plan, i guess, i was just trying to get it long enough that i could pay for a cut and dye in one go-round. sam, after politely asking what, exactly, was going on with my hair, said, "you're diy everything else, why can't you dye your own hair?" i've never tried before, but i guess i figured i didn't have much to lose, so i set off to walgreens and matched a box to my roots the best i could. i didn't do it myself, actually - it turns out sam is an amazing colorist, about three hundred times more careful and thorough than i ever would have been. i couldn't believe how great it turned out! right back to my original color. so i kind of got a big head and decided i could cut my own bangs, too, which is never a good idea. but it could have been worse, right?

top: old quail
skirt: forever 21
shoes: nine west
necklace: thrifted

xo audrey


  1. love!


  2. Cute top and skirt! Love the wardrobe too!

  3. The hair worked out great! I can't believe you'd never dyed your own hair before ;)
    Love the outfit, is it warm in NY now?

  4. i think you managed it quite well with the hair color and cut and your outfit rocks as always !:)

  5. you (+ sam) did a great job dying it back to your natural color..youre such a gorgeous brunette!


  6. AGH! Growing my hair is not easy when you're lookin' so cute with your short hair. It's perfect!

  7. Pretty! I really like it darker actually. Pretty outfit too! I will never understand how you stay so slim with all your fabulous cooking. Nice to see you around again Audrey!

  8. That skirt is Gorgeous! I recently dyed my own hair and it was very scary for me. Your hair looks great! Sam did a great job!

  9. that skirt is too cute! love the polka dots all over!


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  10. hi audrey, i was just on here the other day showing my sister (who lives in brooklyn) your blog....and here you are, posting again! i love your hair right now....and i liked the blonde, too. i'm visiting my sisters in nyc to meet my new niece. i love the skirt. hoping you'll be posting more soon. enjoy this warm weather. it's amazing to be here in the spring since i'm normally here in the summer.


  11. Cuuuute! I love that cropped top and skirt together. And you hair turned out great, wow! I'm going to have to learn to dye mine in the not-too-distant future since the grays are starting to pop up in my bangs, haha.

  12. I really like your hair color! I think this totally suits you much better!! Love the sheer polka dots too!

  13. I love your hair! So funky! I'm loving it! I like the look of the black polka dots with the colored cropped top.

  14. Your hair looks so good! Well done finding your natural colour :)

  15. To be honest I don't think that this black polka-dot skirt really suits you!
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  16. YAY! I missed your outfit posts! You hair looks fantastic...I have always liked you with bangs!

  17. the hair looks totally cute!! and i saw it in person :0)

  18. have you seen the movie julie&julia? you totally remind me of julie. I love your style and the food youre doing! and your wedding was just awesome.. I klicked trough your whole blog and really deeply fell in love with it!

  19. I dye my own hair aaallll the time. The foam stuff is DIY friendly. About cutting your own fringe...it takes time. I used to hack my hair but now I do it better than any pro they never do it right ha!

  20. New follower- luv the skirt, luv your blog but your closet and all those shoes is what grasp my attention!