Monday, January 2, 2012

days gone by

which, a simple google search reveals, is the english translation of "auld lang syne." (**the more you know**) (or at least, it was news to me.)

dress: jill stuart
shoes: c/o seychelles
tights: HUE
flower brooch: thrifted

just a quickie today! sam and i were back up in connecticut this weekend for new year's day - a good friend has the misfortune of a december 31st birthday, which generally means that there is no shortage of parties on his special day, but not-a-one for him. his lady changed that this year, renting out a party bus to drive us and several of his close friends around hartford. i'm more of a dinner-party, champagne toast, dance with friends type of girl on new years, but i have to admit i had a pretty good time hopping from bar to bar. and it was a perfect excuse to snatch up this dress that i've been coveting for months upon months, for a fraction of even the sale price it's listed for on shopbop - one of the many benefits of living in new york city, i suppose.

so. . . this is pretty much everything i could want in a dress. bright colors, whimsical shapes (yes, i used the word "whimsical" and yes, i do kind of hate myself for it), gorgeous pleating. . . if i could wear it every day, i would. and it was warm enough saturday night to throw my go-to sweater over it and walk out the door.

and i THINK i'm a couple steps closer to finding a way to style this overgrown pixie cut into something i like. it requires the assistance of a blowdryer, which is a bit more high-maitenance than i'm used to, but i think i'll suck it up until it's long enough to throw into a ponytail.

and i'll leave you with one last shot of some food porn - i wouldn't feel right completing my first post of the year without it. i thought these macarons matched my outfit pretty well, so here they are: grapefruit curd flavor, made just before the new year.

i hope everyone had a fantastic new year! 2011 had to be my best year yet - i married the love of my life, found my dream job and am pretty much as happy as could be. i wish the same to each of you.

xoxo audrey


  1. What a lovely dress!
    And seriously, grapefruit curd flavoured macarons? I think I love you...

    I'm glad you had such an amazing 2011 - I feel pretty much the same way about last year :)

  2. This dress is splendid! Very pretty!

  3. LOVE this dress! It's so-unexpected :) And the macarons look amazing as do you color the tops? Do you just use regular food coloring and a paint brush?

  4. Well gosh I love that dress! So art deco and flapper-like! And I didn't know what auld lang syne meant... Oh and I also enjoy your pile o' shoes:)

  5. Love the dress, it's so unique!

  6. love how your hair's growing out. happy new year!

  7. I've been seeing that dress all over Pinterest and pining after it! You look so fun and festive! Happy New Year!

  8. fabulous dress! I really love the colors and patterns and that flower brooch is the perfect touch.
    oh, and you drive me crazy with these macarons, they look absulutely delicious!

  9. Your style is simply amazeballs.
    Enough said.

  10. Some day, when I'm awfully low,
    When the world is cold,
    I will feel a glow
    Just thinking of you
    And the way you look that photo.

  11. Why do you hate 'whimsical'? I kinda think you embody it, that is unless you really do loathe the word in which case, I fully retract my statement and it never happened. That dress is one of the most gorgeous dresses I've ever seen. Most dresses I've seen lately scream I'm-a-frou-frou-girl or I-want-boy-attention. This one is like "BAM. I'm the coolest thing ever. Get over it."
    Speaking of coolest thing ever. I LOOOOOVE you hair. That's just darling!
    Anyways, thanks for the food porn as well. Gotta get my fix.
    Hope your next year continues the awesome streak of last year!

  12. you looked lovely in that dress! the macarons look delicious as usual <3

  13. happy new years!!
    hold shit that dress. AMAZING. goes perfect with the grapefruit macarons. and your hair still looks awesome! i just cut my hair a couple weeks ago and i liked it at first but now if feels really awkward and idk i guess it just takes some getting used to...

  14. Love this dress. It's like it's made of lots of different fantastic dresses put together to make something even more wonderful (or maybe whimsical?). I bet your night improved tenfold for wearing it.

  15. That is the most artistic and Beautiful dress I have ever seen!

  16. you are seriously SUCH A CUTIE <3
    i love your hair and your style and OMG i think i physically drooled at ur macaroon photo!
    so glad i stumbled upon ur blog! following DEFINITELY :)
    feel free to check out my blog too :) if you have time :)


  17. this is odd to happen upon someone with a blog and a story just like my own. just wanted to share that i started a blog about baking and fashion some years ago which propelled me to leave my pathetic office job to become a baker. And!... since last year have married my best friend and found my dream job of being exec pastry chef at a local restaurant in LA! and funny enough, i just made the exact looking macarons you posted about here. lol. awesome to stumble upon your blog!

    Cheers! and Congrats!

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