Thursday, December 8, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like. . .

hello hello!

well, believe it or not, i am STILL nursing this cold, and starting to forget what it feels like to have a nose that isn't runny, and a head that isn't almost too heavy for its neck. one of my readers, lauren, pointed out that i shouldn't nap in the afternoon, and i think she's right - unfortunately i've become stuck in this awful cycle of wake up super early & tired, work for 8 or 9 hours, become exhausted, go home, nap, wake up for dinner and find myself unable to fall asleep at a reasonable hour, and repeat. i've also been watching a lot of law and order: special victims unit, which is doing some pretty weird things to my dreams.

regardless of all of this, i've been working like a maniac and honestly loving just about every minute of it. (except the first thirty or so. try as i might, i am just not a morning person.) with the holidays coming i'm trying to get some ideas together for the bakery (which, i should mention, is called the annex, in fort greene. if you are in new york please stop by!! it's a small place, you'll see me.) what holiday cookies and treats do you like? as a pastry chef with an admittedly saltier tooth than sweet, this time of year can be hard for me - so i've been focusing my time on macarons, always my favorite.

from the top: raspberry lemonade, blueberry white chocolate, caramel apple cider, chocolate espresso, pear ginger, and peppermint dark chocolate.

thank you all for the sweet and encouraging comments. it's a job that hardly feels like work, but i have to say i'm anxious to get my energy back and my sleep back on schedule so i can get back to normal again - i feel like i've been on some kind of strange baking vacation where all i do is work, eat and sleep.

if you have any holiday recipe ideas you'd like to share, please let me know! i'll let you know if i'm serving your cookies in the bakery.

xo audrey


  1. A) we need phone time
    B) you are incredible and I am so proud of your beautiful work
    C) russian tea cakes are great - not too sweet - and always remind me of the simplest holidays
    D) love

  2. so happy to hear that you've found a job that you love! i would LOVE to come visit you and your bakery in NY. i always leave your blog so hungry- i'm sure your food is incredible!


  3. At this time of year, I want shortbread all the time and anything almond-flavoured. Ye cannae go wrong with either.

  4. Being from Germany I am a huge fan of Christmas cookies and one of my absolute favourite are Vanillekipferl (recipe below) and Zimtsterne - so good!

    200 g flour
    150 g butter
    50 g sugar
    80 g ground almonds/ almond meal
    vanilla sugar and regular sugar for coating
    combine all ingredients, chill dough, bake at 400 for 10 minutes
    dip still warm kipferl in vanilla sugar/ sugar mix

  5. Audrey, so happy to hear your bakery's name! My friend Rhiannon and I are both long-time readers of your blog and are excited to pop down from Boston and eat one of everything-- we're planning a Brooklyn weekend in February.

    The actual purpose of our trip is wedding dress shopping, and I don't mean to Kleinfeld's. We both enjoyed reading as your wedding unfurled, and we're both recently engaged! (Not to each other, though that would be awesome, too.) Can you recommend any vintage shops in Brooklyn that focus on wedding dresses? We have a couple on the list and suspect you know a few, too.

    Hope you feel better! I like taking elderberry syrup when I have cold.

  6. @Megs yay!! please do let me know when you head down, and i'll be sure i'm at the bakery when you stop by.

    you know, i found my dress on etsy - the vintage shops here tend to be a bit out of my price range, but i DID find a bunch of cute dresses that would work as wedding dresses at the brooklyn flea market, which you should totally check out either way. and congratulations on your engagement!! please feel free to get in touch if you have any other questions. xoxo

  7. Just found your blog! Love it and look forward to more posts. Especially if they have those awesome looking treats...

  8. Yum!!

    I am a long time reader and I am really missing ur posts!!

  9. Those macarons look DELICIOUS! theyre absolutely beautiful as well :] I actually just posted a recipe on my blog for a mousse that I fashioned after the starbucks peppermint white chocolate mocha nestled in a little phyllo cup :]

  10. you always look great, audrey! i love how your hair is growing out and i think the dress styled as a skirt with that great sweater and belt look fantastic. i love whimsical prints like the ant print. i also like that your closet is organized by're giving me ideas. i'm glad to see an outfit post....i must admit i've missed them!
    happy new year!

  11. i loveeeeeee the macaroon photos!!!
    have you ever tried making a lavender coloured one? Its a lovely shade of ...well..lavender...(okay that was redundant) with a lovely white chocolate filling inside! And to garnish you just place a small sugared lavender petal!
    so so beautifulll <3 <3 please try make some!!