Thursday, November 10, 2011

hand pies

hello hello! second to last day at work here; i've been trying to insure they'll miss me by making some decent snacks. i tested out this muffin tin pie idea wednesday night with dinner (and packaged most of them up to send to my little sister) - so yesterday, i stepped it up a bit and made 2 different kinds of pie, apple and pumpkin, all in a muffin tin.


i just used standard pie dough and regular fillings - for one-crust pies, like the pecan and pumpkin, one pie crust is about perfect for 12 pies, and one batch of filling is a littttle extra, so you can scale down a touch.

more from me soon!

xo audrey


  1. hey we just did this too! so so cute, huh? we did lil baby criss crossed tart cherry ones and pumpkin ones. I love mini anythings!

  2. They look gorgeous! Pie is my favourite dessert :)

  3. holy shit these look amazing! pie time all the time

  4. cup pies!! haha these look so amazing, i love all things pie!


  5. ohh i could SO eat one of these for breakfast right now :)

    Katie x