Friday, May 28, 2010


hello and happy long weekend (if you, unlike me, are lucky enough to have one.) i've enjoyed mine so far, anyway; i finally satiated my week-long ramen craving, and had some drinks with christine. i still somehow managed to wake up at a fairly reasonable hour this morning and have a friend over for brunch, then i finally dug into something i've been wanting to try for some time now: jarring. sam got me a home jarring and preserving kit for some time now, so i swung through a farmer's market earlier in the week and purchased some big, luscious heirloom tomatoes (and some rhubarb, which i have big plans for, and will bake and recipe-up later this week.)

i just followed to directions here and it seems to have gone smoothly. i got a little excited and ordered a book of recipes and tips, so i'm sure there is much more of this to come.

wore this ensemble a couple of days ago and a friend told me i looked like a couple of tablecloths.

shirt: thrifted
shorts: j crew
socks: aa
shoes: vivienne westwood for melissa
belt: thrifted

my hair is in another of those super awkward stages so i'm trying different things. i dream of long locks.

i'm crossing my fingers for clear skies in brooklyn tomorrow. enjoy your weekend, however long it may be!

xo audrey


  1. yummy tomato preserves! and well, a tablecloth or not, i'm digging the outfit!

  2. your hair looks great :)
    loving the outfit and looking forward to see more of your long locks.

  3. cute outfit! love the colour of the socks.

  4. we just jarred a couple cans of strawberry and rhubarb jam...the house smelled so good!

    Tis the season for picnicking, so your outfit is perfect. :)

  5. Hello!

    I just came upon your site and I love how your outfits are as delicious as the images of the delightful food you capture with your camera! Keep them coming!

  6. i feel you girlie. im dyinngg for my hair to grow out! i impulsivly cutt in a couple weeks ago, and i regret it so much! a friend of mine told me if you put rogain in your hair, it speeds up the growth process. ive been trying it for a week, and so far i acutally think my hair did get longer. i cant tell if its just because im looking for results, or because it actually did, but theres no harm in tryingg.

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  8. i love this outfit! it's adorable and kind of retro, but in a really good way :)

    xoxo, Ashley @