Monday, March 8, 2010


hello! happy monday! i'm a bit behind and had a lovely weekend, so i'll just start today with the first day of it - thursday night. i met up with christine from my style pill to head to an event at the home of miss josie natori. the event included a preview of her essentials collection (absolutely elegant and beautiful,) her playing her grand piano (mindblowing) and fabulous company. i was also fortunate enough to receive a gift basket filled with beautiful things from natori, including this beautiful shirt, which may be the most flattering top i've ever owned. it fits like a glove and has this beautiful black lace overlay. i am not a big wearer of black as a rule, but this is definitely going to become a regular exception.

top: josie natori
skirt: quail dress as skirt
shoes: small shop in union square
earrings: 80s purple

many thanks to christine and karen for the invite (and the goodies!) much more from the weekend soon to come.

xo audrey


  1. I don't wear much black either but I love this top on you - so flattering and versatile! Love the colors you paired with it!

  2. Black is my black. Hehe. I wear it WAY too much. I love this top.

  3. love the outfit. black suits you! how do you stay warm in these cute little get-ups?