Tuesday, February 9, 2010

oh when the saints

okay, i'm not a big saints fan, but as a (very passive and ill-informed) bears fan, i am definitely in full support of watching the colts lose. so, today's outfit is in honor of the saints; here's to your on-side kick, to your interception, to your family-man quarterback and his adorable baby. cheers.

top: stevej & yonip, somewhat modified
skirt: american apparel
tights: bebaroque
shoes: thrifted, j crew

i can't believe i haven't worn these tights yet this winter. i think i forgot i have them. they are embroidered with rope and absolutely gorgeous.

let's see. food update. friday night we had some friends over for tacos; i'd intended to fry up some red snapper to make 'em proper, but i sliced my finger way open in the process, so we had to improvise. made some red cabbage slaw, mexican corn, and cut up all the veggies i had in the fridge, and i don't think the fish was missed.

saturday morning i woke up at a semi-reasonable hour and made almond french toast with blueberry maple syrup and vanilla creme anglaise.

eating so much that's so bad for you so early in the morning really does not inspire on to get on with your day, so i decided to just keep baking and made a baguette so we could have some fresh banh mi sandwiches for dinner. much lighter and absolutely delicious.

tonight i'm working on some honey-vanilla bean french macarons. photos tomorrow, pending them turning out properly.

oh! and a couple of new things on etsy. hopefully i'll have more this weekend.

cropped rhinestone jacket

pink bow sweater

so much to post, but i'll save some for soon.

xo audrey


  1. Yummmmm I want some! Just wanted to say I really enjoy reading your blog. You have incredible style and are always inspiring me. I just started a blog of my own and included you in the links section so more people could find you!



  2. All I want right now is some of that red cabbage slaw. And, I love those tights!!!

  3. I love your style & blog so much! I am definitely following your blog :) Hope you are having a lovely week!




  4. Can I come over for dinner?! :)

    Oh, and I just ADORE those tights!!

  5. How wonderful!

    Love love. Your tights are adorable, girly! I also love the dusty pink sweater!

    teri at tintedseaglass.blogspot.com

  6. Hiya, Audrey. :) I remember your post about that yellow stevej and yonip dress. You said that it's "somewhat modified" here. Did you cut it and made it into a top? :0

  7. Really cute skirt, love the colour!

  8. Love the blouse! That food looks so so good :)

  9. I love how most of my friends fit the "very passive and ill-informed Bears fan" status. Including myself. I dont follow football at all but, I will watch them if my husband is. And I have to say, for knowing practically nothing about football, even I know they aren't good.

  10. I'm so glad I have ran into another fellow blogger that is a Bears fan!! I still stand by them even though they didn't do so hot last season! You look nice in that outfit!! I adore your style!

  11. Those tights are really fabulous, I've never seen tights embroidered so elaborately.

  12. Ooh I love all that yellow/mustard together!

  13. been following your blog for quite some time now, so I thougth I'd drop a line to say how much I love your sense of style. I love the way you pull off all these colors. I mean, there aren't that many people who would look so great in yellow and mustard.

  14. i am craving those tights so bad right now! and all the delicious food you always make!

  15. I am beginning to come here more for the food! Will you please post the baguette recipe? It looks so good. I would love to be able to make my own baguettes. The ones at the stores taste stale.

  16. so i know less than nothing about football, but your outfit makes me wish i had a team to root for just to wear their colors! lol

  17. UUuuuhh those tights sure are beautiful!! they look great with the yellow dress :)